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Challenged to love even the unlovable

JESUS does not seem tired of shocking his disciples. He has already jolted them with the “beatification” of the poor, the hungry, the despised and the persecuted, and the four “woes” addressed to the rich, the well-fed, the satisfied and those who enjoy the favor of the people.

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Letter to Priests on the 2019 Elections

The country is looking towards the elections on May 13, 2019. The Church, which is the faith community made up of the lay faithful and the pastors, exercises its duty to promote the good of society. Such a duty is motivated by the mission to bring the power and joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all strata of life.






The new Pharisees

We are familiar with this group of leading Jews in the times of Christ. They could not believe that Christ was the promised Messiah, and they did their best to discredit him, always finding fault in him, setting traps for him, until they managed, with their instigation, to put Christ to death.