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Statement of Concern and Solidarity

The Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas joins the entire Catholic Faithful and all men of goodwill in praying for the victims of the Jolo Cathedral bombing.



Diocese promotes ‘youth café’

The Diocese of Malolos has opened a livelihood project in line with the 2019 Year of the Youth. Spearheaded by the Diocesan Commission on Youth (DCY), the diocese opened Café Lolek, an income-generating coffee shop operated by the commission at the Malolos Cathedral-Basilica complex in this city. 



Faith and science

THESE two should go together. They are not meant to go separate ways and, worse, to go against each other. A faith without science is prone to fall into superstitions, and a science without faith can only go nowhere.


The narrative of faith

THE word, ‘narrative,’ today has acquired a bad connotation because it now is made to refer to attempts to conform our views according to a preconceived storyline that would already suggest bias and prejudice. It’s like things are scripted and controlled, and as a consequence objectivity is compromised.