Are you serious?

Are you serious?

I’M one of the immediate supporters when LTRFB banned the use of cellphones while driving. It is indeed necessary to eliminate vehicular accidents caused by texting or calling while driving. Kudos to LTRFB! But I raised my eyebrows in disgust when they included the banning of rosaries and other small religious articles near windshields and dashboards. Reason: they distract the drivers view while driving. Are you serious? Do you know what you’re talking about? Where are you coming from? What is your basis?

Did you go through a serious evaluation to reach a well-discerned decision? Do you have concrete data and studies to support your decision? Unlike the alarming accidents caused by cellphones, which have been documented and proven the world over, we don’t have valid and urgent reasons to ban rosaries and other religious articles in our cars.

I admire your desire to minimize vehicular accidents, but you’re barking at the wrong tree. You missed the mark a hundred miles! No driver will tell you that the rosary hanging at the center of the windshield is hindering road visibility. In fact, the rosary and the religious images may even remind them to be more careful in driving. Think before talking. Pray before making a decision. With the rosary in front of me while driving, it may even stop me from cursing your office, LTRFB for not doing anything to address the worsening traffic situation in our cities. I admire your effort to make our roads safer, but please prioritize your work. There are far more urgent things to be done, like strict implementation of traffic rules, employing better traffic enforcers, clearing roads of illegally parked vehicles and vendors, and fixing busted traffic lights. Do these urgent things–and all of us will be happy. But please don’t waste your time banning those little holy things in our cars. And by the way, I have been driving for the past twenty years now, I don’t find the rosary and the small holy image on my dashboard a hindrance to my driving. Not at all. For it means a lot to me.

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