Author: Atty. Aurora A. Santiago

Catholic Church: Pioneer in Rehabilitation of Drug Dependents

Atty. Aurora A. Santiago Duc in altum   I was thinking that sometimes, we need not follow the Catholic preaching do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing or Do not announce your good deeds. At present, there is really a need to let known what good things are being done by the Catholic Church. Itis very clear that Malacañang is not aware of what the Catholic Church is doing regarding the government’s campaign against illegal drugs. In his latest public pronouncements, President Rodrigo Duterte criticized the Catholic Church for not doing anything about...

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Peace and Justice for 2017!

Atty. Aurora A. Santiago Duc in altum   Congress went on Christmas recess, not able to discuss death penalty bill. With the Christmas spirit still imbibed byour legislators, we pray that they realize the value of life;the importance of restorative justice, not punitive justice. Let us hope and pray that 2017 will bring peace and justice to everyone not only in the country but also around the world. We are one with President Duterte’s fight against illegal drugs because we know the evil that illegal substance abuse brings to the life of everyone—to the users and the pushers, to...

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