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Developing a Christian perspective

We need to develop a proper framework and angle for all our thoughts, views and reactions to things. Especially these days when many confusing elements present themselves, we cannot remain oblivious to this need. We need to have a good sense of perspective. The sense of perspective starts with a worldview of things, enabling us to relate events, experiences, insights, observations, to an over-all picture of our life and its purpose. It enables us to relate parts among themselves to form a certain whole. It provides us with a sense of confidence and serenity, a sense of dominion and...

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Archbishop frowns on STL expansion

MANILA, Feb. 2, 2017— Instead of putting an end to “jueteng,” the government instead risks the further spread of the illegal numbers racket by expanding the small-town lottery operations, warned a Catholic archbishop. Anti-gambling crusader and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz said underground lottery will not proliferate in the country if the government is serious about a crack down. “The expansion of jueteng would just result to the proliferation of jueteng games,” Cruz, founder of the Krusadang Bayan Laban sa Jueteng, warned over Radio Veritas on Wednesday. The archbishop was reacting to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s expansion of...

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Pope Francis: Jesus was concerned with people, not popularity

VATICAN, Jan. 31, 2017– Jesus wasn’t worried about his polling results, Pope Francis said Tuesday – instead, he was concerned with each and every person, seeing everything about them, even those things which were seemingly small or inconsequential. “Statisticians might have been inclined to publish: ‘Rabbi Jesus’ popularity is falling.’ But he sought something else: he sought people,” the Pope said Jan. 31 during Mass at Casa Santa Marta. “And the people sought him. The people had their gaze fixed on him, and he had his fixed on them.” People might be tempted to say, yes, Jesus looks on...

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Cardinal Tobin praises Trump admin on pro-life stance, criticizes on immigration

VATICAN, Jan. 31, 2017– In the first days of U.S. president Donald Trump’s administration, Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark said he has seen encouragement on pro-life matters, but cause for concern when it comes to refugees. “I think the fact that the vice president and other White House officials addressed the March for Life last week was very encouraging, and I think it’s a good boost,” the cardinal told CNA in a sit-down interview Jan. 31. Noting that the massive pro-life march is often ignored by the media, he said “this was I think a great gift to the...

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Death penalty seen to punish mostly poor

MANILA, Feb. 1, 2017 – The country’s judicial process would penalize mostly the poor if the death penalty is restored, said the Franciscans in a statement. “Death penalty’s effect will be anti-poor because of legal system is not fair and equal,” stressed the friars of the Province of San Pedro Bautista. “Our judicial process is deeply affected by corruption.” “Death penalty denies the right to life of a person,” said the Franciscans. “It is discriminatory, especially to the members of the lower strata of the society who have less access to the judicial system.” ‘Structural violence’ The Franciscans expressed...

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