Author: Fr. Jerome Secillano

Parish: Not a perfect and sinless community

THE Code of Canon Law defines parish as “a certain community of Christ’s faithful stably established within a particular Church, whose pastoral care, under the authority of the diocesan Bishop, is entrusted to a parish priest as its proper pastor” (Can. 515 §1). As a certain community, it pertains not merely to a congregation of people within a particular territory. It strictly refers to a group of baptized Catholics called Christ’s faithful, lay faithful or simply laity. It is stable which means that no other authority, apart from the Diocesan Bishop, can establish, suppress or alter parishes (Can. 515...

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Is Death Penalty allowed by the Church?

DELIBERATIONS in Congress about the death penalty have shifted to the moral and ethical implications of the measure. It has come to a point where the stand of the Church seemed paramount for its re-imposition. I’m afraid that pro-death penalty congressmen are simply looking for justification for their stand, making them guilt-free in the process. The underlying issue here is not what the Church stands for, but whether in these modern times and under our present circumstances death penalty is still warranted. The history of the Catholic Church’s teaching on death penalty is long and complex and composed of...

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We suffered a victory!

Collection Box   The overwhelming, high trust rating of the President seems to imply that Mr. Duterte is doing what is right for the country. Some, though, easily questioned the integrity of surveys and even downplayed their worth. But the President’s devoted supporters, particularly on social media all the more expressed firm support for him and claimed that his critics are the ones to blame for the problems besetting the country. Well, the President has noble plans for the country. His intention to free the country from the drug problem and corruption is very admirable. I think, no one...

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