Author: Abp. Oscar Cruz

“You shall not kill”

(Ex. 20:13; Dt. 5:17) HUMAN life is sacred from its very beginning whereas from God it originally comes through His procreative gift to one’s parents and to God it eventually returns for salvation or condemnation in the realm of the eternal.  So it is that as God is the Giver of life, it belongs to God to take life away for one reason or another in the realm of Divine Providence.  But the said sacred rule in general accepts the particularity of defending one’s own life.  So it is that the act of self-defense has a double effect, viz.,...

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Public servants as public lords

Views and Points   It is becoming progressively more pronounced, definitely more manifest as time goes by. There are more and more public servants in this country who think and speak like public lords, who act and behave as masters of the general public. They do not only consider themselves as omniscient but also think of themselves as omnipotent. They behave like master generals such that they love and admire themselves so much that they come to believe that what they say is always right, what they want they must get. Everybody else: Shut up! Stay still! Do as...

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