Author: Fr. Roy Cimagala

Both delicate and tough

ESPECIALLY in discussing highly contentious issues, like the political and social ones, all parties involved should try to be both delicate and tough. This is how we can conduct our discussions in a way that is positive, fruitful and constructive.

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The narrative of faith

THE word, ‘narrative,’ today has acquired a bad connotation because it now is made to refer to attempts to conform our views according to a preconceived storyline that would already suggest bias and prejudice. It’s like things are scripted and controlled, and as a consequence objectivity is compromised.

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Let’s beam with hope

Let’s try our best to be men and women of hope, of real, great and abiding hope, which means that we have a clear vision of our ultimate goal in life and are confident that with God’s grace and our effort we can reach it. Let’s beam with hope and not just keep it inside, if only to give our present troubled world some real glow.

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