Author: Fr. Roy Cimagala

Lent, seeing the light in darkness

We are now again the in season of Lent. It’s important that we know how to see the good, bright and happy side of this season that otherwise is usually considered as dark, and also associated almost exclusively with pain, suffering and sacrifice. We need to confront the dark reality of our sinfulness as well as the reassuring reality of God’s mercy. These two realities should go together, and the Lenten period is the good time to strengthen our conviction about the helpful relationship these two should have with each other. Whenever we feel the sting of our weaknesses...

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By deceiving others, we deceive ourselves

Candidly speaking   We have to be most careful in handling the truth. We already have been amply warned that when we play around with it, it will also make its sweet revenge on us in ways that we may not even notice. A quote from St. Augustine’s Confession expresses this well: “They love truth when she shines on them; and hate her when she rebukes them. And since they are not willing to be deceived, but do wish to deceive, they love truth when she reveals herself and hate her when she reveals them. “On this account, she...

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Christ in the new technologies

Fr. Roy Cimagala Candidly Speaking   “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel.” (1 Cor 9,16) This was the cry of St. Paul conveying his burning desire to transmit the Good News to the early Christians. It’s a cry that also has to spring in each one of us, Christian believers, who now participate in the abiding function of preaching and teaching the word of God according to our personal circumstances. This is the challenge we have today. How do we craft a new approach, style or strategy for the continuing need of evangelization these days?...

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Newspeak is the devil’s sophistry

Fr. Roy Cimagala Candidly Speaking   George Orwell invented the word Newspeak. It means “a deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language used to mislead and manipulate the people.” We have to be wary of its existence, because it is actually present in today’s world. It’s a language that deftly mixes truths and untruths, and cleverly exploits a window of acceptable concepts and beliefs to introduce false and harmful ideas. It must come from the devil, because our Christian faith considers him as the “father of lies” (Jn 8,44), and newspeak in its core is actually a lie, irrespective of the...

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Epiphany today

Fr. Roy Cimagala Candidly Speaking   Epiphany means manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi. (cfr Mt 2,1-12) It means that he is meant for all people, and not just to the Jews, the chosen people. The feast reminds us that we all need him, for he is not only the pattern of our humanity, but also the savior of our damaged humanity. It can also mean, as a corollary, that everything that we do, that is, all our human affairs, from the physical to the technical, from the personal to the social, from the...

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