Author: Fr. Roy Cimagala

Lessons from St. Joseph

I AM sure that the first ones to be most happy at the celebration of the Solemnity of St. Joseph are our Lord, Christ Jesus, and his mother, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. And we, of course, join them in this family celebration that is done liturgically in the whole Church. Both are, of course, far more superior than this simple carpenter, but they happen to receive the most direct, the most delicate, and yet the most effective and affectionate service from him. Mary needed a husband to legitimize before the eyes of the people the fact that she...

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Lent, seeing the light in darkness

We are now again the in season of Lent. It’s important that we know how to see the good, bright and happy side of this season that otherwise is usually considered as dark, and also associated almost exclusively with pain, suffering and sacrifice. We need to confront the dark reality of our sinfulness as well as the reassuring reality of God’s mercy. These two realities should go together, and the Lenten period is the good time to strengthen our conviction about the helpful relationship these two should have with each other. Whenever we feel the sting of our weaknesses...

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