Author: Teresa Tunay

Where were you during EDSA I?

…and that’s the truth   Especially around this time of the year, I get to be asked that question: “Where were you during EDSA I?” For the life of me I could not tell anyone, all these years, where I was or what I did during “those days”, and so, because of my vague or evasive answer I would sometimes be made to feel I contributed nothing to “People Power” because I was not out there to stop a tank. Today, 31 years after the fact, I feel I must disclose with a mixture of hesitance and ease that...

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Repentance heals

Teresa R. Tunay, OCDS …and that’s the truth   Most of us work to earn a living, to make money to get us the things that not only keep us alive but also make us happy. Steeped as we are in our daily pursuit of happiness, we naturally tend to stash away the idea of repentance in the farthest and darkest corners of our consciousness where it won’t bother us. If we only knew how vital to our happiness repentance is—so vital that the word “repent” and “repentance” together occur 106 times in the bible (King James Version)—we would...

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