Author: Fr. Wilfredo Samson

A Lenten Appeal: Don’t be too emotional

AMID the present moral issues we are dealing with, we see how our conflicting views have created a divide in our midst. People are unfriending each other on Facebook due to political and moral differences. We read FB postings and tweets of respected people publicly judging and accusing someone. Some people are re-posting anything and everything, even false news, just to discredit or malign somebody. Some have left the Church because of their disagreement with Church teachings against the death penalty and extra-judicial killings. We hear our President Duterte falsely accusing the Church, the clergy, and his detractors. And...

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An Appeal from the Heart

Fr. Wilfredo Samson, SJ Pitik-Bulag   When I was assigned in New Bilibid Prison as chaplain many years ago, it was a hell for me. The old, overcrowded prison facilities in Muntinlupa were too small to house 15,000 inmates. The daily stress that I went through in dealing with hardened, problematic, and sometimes, lunatic inmates was overwhelming. In those moments, I entertained the possibility of the death penalty as the ultimate solution to heinous crimes. But I said to myself, “I want to enter into the inmates’ inner world before making any judgment.” I began my ministry by listening...

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