Constructive communication

In his message for the 51st World Communications Day that is traditionally celebrated on the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

Information and democracy

TRUE and timely information is considered as one of the principal means of knowledgeable and responsible democratic participation specifically on the part of the citizens in a democratic country.

A culture for communion

THE bishops have declared 2017 as the Year of the Parish. They want to highlight the ideal that the parish is a communion of communities

A very profound concern

EVEN but elementary knowledge and conviction will readily affirm that the CBCP would not in any way approve much less promote illegal drug manufacture, trade and/or use.

Age of criminal liability

Specifically in the matter of good manners and right conduct, one of the now well existent big predicament of young people up to fifteen years old sadly consists in their personal witnessing of the truly bad manners and really wrong conduct of older individuals—be...

Developing love for the Church

Nowadays, with love itself being distorted by detaching it from its true source, pattern and end, this duty to love the Church is getting urgent. We should love the Church by knowing more about its nature and purpose, and the implications and consequences that such...

Grave concern

“We, your Bishops, are deeply concerned due to the many deaths and killings in the campaign against drugs.  This traffic in illegal drugs needs to be stopped and overcome.  But the solution does not lie in the killing of suspected drug users and pushers.”  (CBCP...

Change by death

The change that Filipinos were groaning for after many years of suffering from misgovernance and corruption by past administrations may not be coming that easy after all. Simplistically, all that the well-meaning citizens wanted was a government that would address...

Illegal drugs and illegal killings

In a two-page and a half Statement dated 30 January 2017, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), among other things, said the following: We are deeply concerned due to many deaths and killings in the campaign against prohibited drugs. This traffic...

The life agendum

Like the pastoral letter that was read in parishes nationwide a few Sundays ago, the Walk for Life that was held at the Quirino Grandstand last Saturday has generated thousands of bashers and trolls in social media. As usual these online haters--or propagandists, if...

Out of touch

  A palace functionary was quoted recently as saying, “The officials of the (CBCP) are apparently out of touch with the sentiments of the faithful who overwhelmingly support the changes in the Philippines—turning the nation into a safer place for families,...

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