Moral and technological progress

THESE should go together. The tragedy of our times is precisely because our technological progress is not matched by progress in the spiritual and moral life. We need to do everything to put the two together.

Neutralizing the propagandists

Facebook, the top social media platform in the country and throughout the world has announced on March 29, 2019 that it has taken down 200 pages and accounts in both Facebook and Instagram that were credited to Nic Gabunada, who is known to be President Duterte’s social media manager in his 2016 electoral campaign.

Transparency and accountability

IF we want our life to be good, we need to develop a keen sense of transparency and accountability. These traits assure us that we are on the right path.

To kill a priest

HARPER Lee’s extremely popular “To Kill a Mockingbird” which was published and translated into 40 languages  and a global readership of about 35 million, not to mention a Pulitzer Prize, is weaved on a child’s awakening into harsh realities of their times such as prejudice and racism—and therefore on a careful development of human values and morals.

Media and information literacy

WE need to have due concern for this matter. We are now in a fast-moving-and-evolving digital world and we cannot afford to be ignorant and illiterate in its ways. We have to level up.

Season of grace

LENT is known as a Season of Penance but it is also a Season of Grace. Special grace is poured out by Jesus Christ to people to be converted and be closer to the Him. It is 40 days of Penance, Prayer and Almsgiving. This is why we aptly call it Kuwaresma.

Faith and science

These two should go together. They are not meant to go separate ways and, worse, to go against each other. A faith without science is prone to fall into superstitions, and a science without faith can only go nowhere.

Vatican summit on sex abuse

POPE FRANCIS has called to Rome Catholic leaders from over a hundred bishop’s conferences throughout the world for a landmark meeting on sexual abuse. 

God and the digital age

THE final report of the Synod of Bishops on young people, faith and vocational discernment that concluded last October has an interesting observation regarding the digital culture that is now pervasive in the world. It talks about the great benefits and the dangers that the digital world is giving us.

Bigger than bombs

THE Cathedral of Our Lady of Mr. Carmel has been a punching bag of about 8 or so bombings already, not to mention the killing of its 4th bishop Benjamin de Jesus, OMI, in 1997.

Explore, adapt, innovate

While we may have our own particular niche in life that is fit to our personal condition and circumstances, we have to realize that we are not meant to be imprisoned there, but should rather have an attitude of openness to the flowing developments of the times.

Good politics: A way to peace

Every year, for 52 years now, the Holy Father gives a reflection on peace on New Year’s Day as his message for the celebration of the World Day for Peace. This year the message of Pope Francis is entitled: GOOD POLITICS IS AT THE SERVICE OF PEACE.