The pro-choice position

We have to be familiar with the so-called pro-choice position that is now becoming the prevalent ideology affecting many countries and especially the young ones, the so-called millennials.

Human justice should bow to divine charity

For the simple reason that our human justice can never cope with all the demands and requirements of divine charity as shown by Christ in his passion, death and resurrection, our human justice should bow to divine charity.

Trying hard to make sense out of death penalty

Four have already filed bills seeking the reimposition of death penalty in the country.  Senators Christopher Go, Ronald dela Rosa and Manny Pacquiao, all allies of President Rodrigo Duterte, target the drug war as the compelling reason.  The fourth, Senator Panfilo Lacson, pushes a lethal injection for all heinous crimes.

A sense of vocation

We should all be concerned about this matter. We need to develop a sense of vocation, for the simple reason that everyone has a vocation. We come from God and we belong to him. He always calls us to himself and offers us a way to go to him.

Not a simple incident

A Filipino fishing boat was rammed by a Chinese vessel which abandoned the 22 fishermen in the sea in June 9. In this just an ordinary, simple maritime incident?

Teaching piety to today’s youth

This may indeed sound like a pipe dream or an illusion, given the way many young people nowadays are, but this simply has to be done.

Ideological Colonialism

It is common belief that the age of colonialism is of the past. This may be true of political colonialism, that is, one nation taking over another territory usually from another continent, lording it over the people there, getting their natural and human resources, and imposing their system of governance.

Christ in the making

THAT’S what we all are in this life. We are still a work in progress. We as a creature of God are still under construction. And the completion of that divine project is when we become another Christ, “alter Christus.”

The metaphors of the net

Some fifty-three or so years ago, not one would have thought—not even Pope Paul VI who initiated the celebrations of World Communications Day in 1966

Were those glitches merely technical?

Suspicions surrounding the 2019 midterm elections are mounting.  Although the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has assessed that this political exercise was quite a success, there is a growing speculation that it may have been rigged.

When the legitimate becomes immoral

WE have to be careful with this possibility that, sad to say, has become rampant nowadays. It cannot be denied that we are aware of the many blessings we have, and the many rights of our human condition.