Massacre of farmers

WHEREVER there is massive poverty there is injustice. People are made poor!

Today’s youth challenge

THE Synod of Bishops on Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment just ended last October 27 and a final report has already been submitted to Pope Francis.


FOR quite a while, the word, “empowerment,” became a buzzword in many circles in our society. Among the Church people, for example, they talk about empowerment of the laity, of the youth, of the women, etc. Some socially minded people also talk about empowerment of the poor, the indigenous people and the like.

Will children with rosaries stop the killings?

IN the morning of October 18, thousands of Filipino children will join the global initiative of one million children praying the holy rosary.  These are children from 700 Catholic schools and 1,200 parishes from about 41 dioceses nationwide.

Developing an operative faith

We should be concerned about this matter. Our faith should not remain only in the theoretical, intellectual level. It has to be a functioning one, giving shape and direction in our thoughts and intentions, our words and deeds. In fact, it should shape our whole life.

China and the Vatican

On September 22, 2018, the Vatican has announced that it has signed with the People’s Republic of China a “provisional agreement on the appointment of bishops,” allowing Chinese Catholics to have bishops who are in communion with Rome but at the same time recognized by Chinese authorities.

The priest as mediator

We have to understand well the role of a mediator. He is like a bridge that connects two ends.

Tolerance and intolerance

NOW that Pope Francis has reacted to this latest clerical sexual scandal that erupted in the US recently, let us see how those beautiful intentions and words in his letter can be translated into action.

Time to love the Church more

NOW that the Church is buffeted by an ugly crisis of clerical sexual abuse and other related issues, we have to realize that now is also the time to love it even more.

Humanizing and Christianizing technology

TECHNOLOGY, especially at the rate that it is developing nowadays, is slowly but surely charming us into our own dehumanization, let alone, our dechristianization.

Sorrow and shame

THE issue of pedophilia or the sexual abuses of the clergy is old.  But the discovery of widespread cover up is recent.