Graft and corruption

WITHOUT the least intention of offending anyone, much less the option to condemn anybody, the relevant and significant question may be rightfully asked

Knowing, loving and living by the Church law

THIS is about Church’s Code of Canon Law. Unfortunately, many people still are at sea as to the importance, role and relevance of this law to the Church and to the lives of everyone, especially to their rights and duties. We need to remind everyone that the Church...

Intra-faith dialogue

IN the recent pastoral statement of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines on Marawi, terrorism and dialogue

Gaming for gambling

THE title “Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation”—and so with all downright Casinos with innocent names or titles—is in reality but an euphemism for downright institutional gambling unlimited—not simply innocent “Gaming” as games are commonly and rightfully understood.

World Day of the Poor

POPE Francis has instituted the World Day of the Poor. In his message for the first World Day of the Poor that will be observed on November 19 this year

We’ll always have the poor

CHRIST himself said so. “You always have the poor with you, but you will not always have me.” (Mt 26,11) In other words, we will always have the poor because in the end we all are the poor.

Public disposal of seized illegal drugs

IT is certainly not a secret that the government law enforcement agencies have in fact seized, duly recorded and kept safe a formidable amount of prohibited drugs from all over the country.

What to do with the new techs?

IT’S a question many people are asking nowadays. Some are worried of the undeniable peripheral damage it has caused on many people, especially the young.

Martial law and terrorism

ALTHOUGH it may said that President Rodrigo Duterte had an inkling of declaring martial rule early on to solve the country’s pressing problems

Constructive communication

In his message for the 51st World Communications Day that is traditionally celebrated on the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

Information and democracy

TRUE and timely information is considered as one of the principal means of knowledgeable and responsible democratic participation specifically on the part of the citizens in a democratic country.