Church and churchmen

GIVEN the disturbing signs of the times such as in terms of downright bloodshed all over the land, these and those criminal acts

Right to sanctuary

IT was around the Middle Ages that persecuted Christians sought individuals or places to keep them safe--to safeguard their lives, to evade persecution, to seek protection.  This was right and just.  This was reasonable and fair.  So it was that as time moved on, such...

“Lord heal our land”

DATED 12 September 2017, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) formally made a pleading

Helping the cops

THE Archdiocese of Lingayan Dagupan is to give sanctuary of some law enforcers who have confidentially expressed their desire to disclose their participation in extrajudicial killings and summary executions—presumably in the government crackdown on illegal drugs.

Erosion of the moral fiber

ONCE the online trolls are ignored aside together with the “ad nauseam” churning of repetitive brouhaha from professional manufacturers of fake news

Temperance in the digital age

WE need to tackle this big challenge of our time. How do we live temperance in this very intoxicating and addicting world of the social media and the digital gadgets today?

Graft and corruption

WITHOUT the least intention of offending anyone, much less the option to condemn anybody, the relevant and significant question may be rightfully asked

Knowing, loving and living by the Church law

THIS is about Church’s Code of Canon Law. Unfortunately, many people still are at sea as to the importance, role and relevance of this law to the Church and to the lives of everyone, especially to their rights and duties. We need to remind everyone that the Church...

Intra-faith dialogue

IN the recent pastoral statement of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines on Marawi, terrorism and dialogue

Gaming for gambling

THE title “Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation”—and so with all downright Casinos with innocent names or titles—is in reality but an euphemism for downright institutional gambling unlimited—not simply innocent “Gaming” as games are commonly and rightfully understood.