Humanizing and Christianizing technology

TECHNOLOGY, especially at the rate that it is developing nowadays, is slowly but surely charming us into our own dehumanization, let alone, our dechristianization.

Sorrow and shame

THE issue of pedophilia or the sexual abuses of the clergy is old.  But the discovery of widespread cover up is recent. 

Valuing life

NOW that Pope Francis has made it a Church doctrine that the death penalty is inadmissible, we have to review the basis for the true value of human life.


DEATH PENALTY is now inadmissible under any circumstances.   Pope Francis has approved the new revision of number 2267 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church on death penalty saying that “The death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person.”  

Marketing spiritual services

IT is not, of course, a matter of indulging in commercialization of things spiritual and of religion and piety.

The misery of the poor

THE bishops’ pastoral exhortation issued after their 117 plenary assembly held this July is replete with biblical references.  In its 73 years of existence, this maybe the pastoral statement of the CBCP that has the most biblical quotations. 

Freedom and responsibility

THESE are inseparable twins, like the two sides of a coin. One cannot be without the other. To be truly free, one has to be responsible. And to be truly responsible, one has to be free.

Stick to the real issues

CARDINAL Tagle is right. We should not be distracted from the real issues and the prevailing problems that are deeply hurting people especially the masses.

Truth has many layers

THERE’S an interesting episode in the gospel that tells us that truth indeed has many layers and we just have to be careful with our assertions especially when done as if we already know everything.


THEY are killing our flock. They are killing us the shepherds. They are killing our faith. They are cursing our Church. They are killing God again as they did in Calvary.