Peaceful elections

THE recently concluded Barangay and Sanguniang Kabataan Election have been generally peaceful.

Beware of Pelagianism

ANOTHER form of fake holiness mentioned in Pope Francis’ “Gaudete et exsultate” is what is known as Pelagianism that also includes its mitigated but still erroneous idea of holiness that is labeled as semi-Pelagianism.

Marriage, the foundation of the family

THE full reality of a family as ordinarily perceived, understood and seen, has the following three constituent factors:  man/father, woman/mother plus children

Let’s welcome Lent

WITH Ash Wednesday, we enter a new season of Lent. In spite of the gloom and austerity usually associated with it, there’s actually something new and bright to it.

Not human

MAYBE worse than the problem of drugs or any other prevailing social ills such as the ubiquitous graft and corruption in all levels of government is the degeneration of the Filipino psyche.