Need a plumber, repairman? Call the parish

Need a plumber, repairman? Call the parish
Fr. Uldarico “Dari” Dioquino, assistant parish priest of Immaculate Conception parish in Marikina, talks to a parishioner

MARIKINA City – A parish in Metro Manila has opened a hotline for parishioners in need of skilled workers who can fix leaky plumbing or repair home appliances.

The Immaculate Conception parish in this city is providing its parishioners a pool of accredited plumbers and repairmen they can trust to deliver good service, said Fr. Uldarico “Dari” Dioquino, assistant parish priest.

The parish serves as a third party that processes transactions between clients and the service provider.

“Our parishioners can call a hotline, then we connect them to our plumbers and repairmen,” said Dioquino.

According to the priest, an identification card authenticated by the parish authorizes the plumbers and repairmen to offer services to parishioners.

Skilled workers, even retired ones, regardless of age, gender, and religion may be duly accredited by the parish, as long as they meet specified standards and requirements, said Dioquino.

He said this program is part of the parish’s efforts to help the unemployed earn from their skills, and keep jobless youth off the streets.

It is also an effort to protect unemployed young people from the dangers of abuse which, Dioquino noted, often happens at home. CBCPNews