0.38 seconds

This is how short it took a Rubik’s Robot to solve the famous puzzle cube invented by the Hungarian sculptor and architecture teacher Ernő Rubik back in the 1980s.

Our blessings and misfortunes

We should have the proper attitude towards our blessings and misfortunes. Given our condition, these are unavoidable items in our life and we just need to know how to handle them, so we can take advantage of them rather than get spoiled by them.

‘New methods’

I ARRIVED at our office in Cebu around noon. About 20 millennials and their families had gathered for their entrustment ceremony marking the end of a 33-day spiritual journey.

The truth will set you free

Pope Francis’ message this year is very timely. Entitled “The truth will set you free. Fake news and journalism for peace,” the Holy Father stated that “the capacity to twist the truth is symptomatic of our condition, both as individuals and communities.