Learning to wait with hope

It is often said that we Filipinos have the longest Christmas Season. We start playing Christmas music, decorate our homes and schedule Christmas parties before or during the season of advent.

It’s Advent time again!

Here we go again! These words may be spoken either in cynicism or with much hope, expectation and excitement as we begin another liturgical year with the celebration of the Advent season.

Soul-full ingredients

Who doesn’t enjoy food? Who doesn’t want to try something to tickle his pallet anew? Who wouldn’t want to embark on a different experience of a common dish mixed in a magically distinct way?

Hired and fired

The whole narrative sounds almost like a bad plot of a television sit-com. The Chief Executive, seemingly in a fit of pique due to the VP’s criticisms of his drug war being on the losing end, dared her to become his “drug czar”.

Let’s be good activists

If we are really good citizens of our country, truly concerned about how things are, then we should be, one way or another, a good activist pursuing advocacies that can make authentic improvements in the different fields of our social and political life.