Do not be afraid

When I visited the Cairo Museum two years ago, I found myself looking at the huge statue of Pharaoh Rameses II sitting proudly at the main door.

We are not God’s puppets

We are children of God, and not his puppets or robots. The freedom he gives us is real freedom because it can even enable us to go against the true nature, source, meaning and purpose of freedom itself. We can use it—or better said, misuse or abuse it—to go against God himself.

The pro-life vote

On April 25, the Board of the Sangguniang Laiko ng Pilipinas came out with a statement urging “Lay Groups and Christian Organizations” to lay aside non-partisanship in the coming senatorial elections.

Blame ourselves

A few weeks from now, all legitimate voters will troop to the polling precincts to elect a new set of public servants or re-elect the incumbents.

Saving life, saving heritage

I discussed in my last column the importance of preserving and conserving the national heritage, especially the churches in the Philippines. As Bishop Pablo Virgilio David of Kalookan Diocese said, the heritage of the Church is the heritage of the country.