Concern for all

WHY is the church meddling in politics? We often hear this question, with a tone of reproach in it. We need to clarify some basic understanding in this question. What is and who is the church? What is politics?

Duterte to found a new religion

DAVAO CITY, August 7, 2018— What had been mere speculation weeks ago is now a reality: President Rodrigo Duterte is determined to found a new religion.

Consecrated life: a precious gift

IN this year (2018), which the Philippine Church dedicates to “Clergy and Consecrated Persons,” we are enriched by reflecting on “Consecrated Life” as we employ the insights of Pope Francis in his 2014 letter to all consecrated persons.

New Expressions

RECENTLY, I ventured into an electronic jungle called the Facebook or FB. This began when I posted an Open Letter to President Duterte. The short letter began this way: