Wrecking friendship

Disney’s second installment of Wreck It Ralph, once again delivers another smashing message about relationships and adds a timely lesson on how the Internet can either help human bonds to grow or, end sadly.

We really should learn to pray

If there’s a skill which is fundamentally indispensable in life, it is the art of praying. When we really manage to pray, we would truly be in touch and in union with God.

Treasure your dreams; they are gifts

IN preparation for the Synod on the Youth, Pope Francis held a personal dialogue with the youth.  He took questions from young people; he began his response, centering on the word: “dreams.”

Poetry for Lent

One is G.K. Chesterton’s “The Donkey.”  The poem says he was born “when fishes flew and forests walked/and figs grew upon thorn/Some moment when the moon was blood.”

The Church’s Tangible Presence to the Poor

LAST October, I moved to my new assignment in the Diocese of Kalookan. Responding to the invitation of Bishop Ambo Virgilio David, the Jesuits gave a concrete yes to help the poorest of the poor in his diocese in the midst of increasing incidence of extra-judicial killings.

Both delicate and tough

ESPECIALLY in discussing highly contentious issues, like the political and social ones, all parties involved should try to be both delicate and tough. This is how we can conduct our discussions in a way that is positive, fruitful and constructive.