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Internet Doping

IT is always sad and disappointing to hear about celebrity athletes being stripped of their titles and medals after being caught doping.

Sacrilege. Blasphemy. Profanity

The Holy Week just came to conclusion. The joy of Christ when He was met by a big cheering crowd carrying palms and happily celebrating His coming, was just commemorated.

The repackaging of Semana Santa

IN my childhood days millennia ago, Semana Santa was somber. Restraint was the norm. Laughter merited a severe tongue-lashing from elders who assigned themselves the task of guardians of the sacred days. Hanging out with friends in abandon could mean only one thing:...

Making a good homily

Rightly or wrongly, people often gauge the value of the Holy Mass by the quality of the homily they hear during that celebration.

Family Joys and Challenges

Pope Francis devotes the entire fifth chapter of The Joy of Love to a reflection on love’s “fruitfulness” in the family; this certainly involves much more than questions of fertility.  Fruitfulness includes welcoming new life, manifesting love as father and mother,...

Lessons from St. Joseph

I AM sure that the first ones to be most happy at the celebration of the Solemnity of St. Joseph are our Lord, Christ Jesus, and his mother, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. And we, of course, join them in this family celebration that is done liturgically in the whole...


ALLOW me to share a reflection this time. Lent usually puts me in a more reflective mode and now I’m sort of shutting off, weary from exposure to news about bickering and presumptuous politicians in our country, and about war, violence, greed, and other evils abroad....

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