Insights into Filipino youth today

One beautiful outcome of the 2018 CBCP-sponsored youth conference was “An Open Letter of the Filipino Youth to the Catholic Church in the Philippines.”  The document provides pivotal insights into today’s youth, their heartfelt concerns, as well as orientations for youth ministry.

The new Pharisees

We are familiar with this group of leading Jews in the times of Christ. They could not believe that Christ was the promised Messiah, and they did their best to discredit him, always finding fault in him, setting traps for him, until they managed, with their instigation, to put Christ to death.

Priests in literature

Scandals involving priests are opportunities for self-reflection for Catholics.  They prod us to re-examine our attitudes towards the priesthood and where we have been lacking in our prayers and support for priests.

Do not be afraid

When I visited the Cairo Museum two years ago, I found myself looking at the huge statue of Pharaoh Rameses II sitting proudly at the main door.

We are not God’s puppets

We are children of God, and not his puppets or robots. The freedom he gives us is real freedom because it can even enable us to go against the true nature, source, meaning and purpose of freedom itself. We can use it—or better said, misuse or abuse it—to go against God himself.