Saints also committed sins

THAT is one thing for sure. Never think that to be a saint, one has to be spotlessly clean from beginning to end. We need to disabuse ourselves from this false idea of holiness.

Christ-centered Shepherds of God’s People

POPE Francis, known as the “people’s pope,” has entered the sixth year of his pontificate (March 13, 2013-2018).  He has often spoken insightfully on priests and religious.  In his first apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel), Francis invites...

A bland new hero

EVERYBODY needs a hero! Unfortunately, heroes are getting harder to find these days, not only because it takes a lot of sacrifice to become one, but also due to a massive campaign to change the concept of a hero.

The gift of life!

Life is the greatest gift on earth. Life is a blessing nobody can deny. Life can be in any form—the life of a person, the life of Mother Nature, the life of a marriage.