Who is St. Thomas More?

Very little is known about St. Thomas More, the patron of statesmen and politicians as declared by Pope John Paul II in the year 2000. He lived a very inspiring life and is a model of firmness of conscience to the end.

Patron of statesmen and politicians

One of the gaps in our troubled world today is the lack of role models, those who embody the ideals of what we would like to be, or what we could become as individuals and as a nation.

Soul selfie

Jamie held two identical wooden crucifixes, one on each palm of her hands. She looked at one, then at the other. Undecided, she swayed her head trying to figure out which crucifix to choose.

‘A cross without a cross’

An intriguing statement, indeed! It’s part of the spiritual consideration that Opus Dei founder, St. Josemaria Escriva, made on the fourth sorrowful mystery of the holy rosary.

Highly successful what?

To say that President Duterte’s recent trip to China to meet up with President Xi is “highly successful” is not lying through the teeth. 

Concern for the Amazon

In one youth forum in Adamson University five days ago, the young students were asked, “What social issue concerns you most at the present moment?” One raided up his hand and said: “The burning of the Amazon.”

When failures come

Failures do happen in our lives. They can happen everyday, and many times during the day. They may not be big failures. They are usually small ones.