Pastoral Concerns

The temporal goods of the Church

ANY responsible person must at one time or another have asked himself the questions: How does the Church support itself?

The Sacramental Law of the Church

There is an anti-juridic tendency in people—and the ecclesiastical world is no exception—that leads them to do (as somebody once put it) what they damn please.

Principles and Guidelines

Lent precedes and prepares for Easter. It is a time to hear the Word of God, to convert, to prepare for and remember Baptism, to be reconciled with God and one’s neighbour, and of more frequent recourse to the “arms of Christian penance”(134): prayer, fasting and good works (cf. Mt 6, 1-6. 16-18).

Lessons of Love for Ash Wednesday

Valentine’s Day is a very popular and much awaited feast of friends, lovers and romantics. It is based on the feast of Saint Valentine


WE are an ordinary Catholic family. Our son wants to marry a born-again Christian. Although our future daughter-in-law was baptized Catholic and is a very nice girl, her parents have embraced a fundamentalist sect and her father is even a pastor in their Christian community.

Towards the next Filipino saint

Pope declares new cause for beatification and canonization: Offer of life
Motu Proprio Maiorem hac dilectionem (11.VII.2017)