When we suffer injustice

When we suffer injustice

We have to expect to suffer some form of injustice here in our earthly life. That is part of our human condition. It is unavoidable. Sooner or later, it will surely come. It can be big or small, but clear injustice just the same. It can even come not from those whom we consider our enemies, but from those who are supposed to be our friends.

We just have to be properly prepared for it. And the secret is, as usual, to follow the example of Christ who suffered the worst injustice ever. If we are driven by the same love Christ has for all of us, no form of injustice can actually get the better of us.

Yes, the injustice will remain injustice. It may not be properly resolved humanly speaking. With the way we are, we should not expect that we can resolve all cases of injustice. Just look at what and how human justice was handed on Christ. But still, if we have the charity of Christ, that injustice will work out for our own good and the good of everybody else.

The important thing to keep in mind is to always be on the side of charity that covers all the human needs for justice. And this means that we always identify ourselves with Christ, with his will and his ways. It’s only in him that the perfect justice can be achieved, a justice that goes beyond our best ideas of how justice ought to be.  The charity-inspired justice Christ showed in his own trial may look inhuman and may even be regarded as a perversion according to our human standards, but that is the justice that is perfect. It is one that does not get stuck in the immediate and short-run requirements of justice, but goes all the way to the ultimate meaning of justice.

It is for this reason that we need to develop the proper attitudes and virtues that would facilitate in our living out the justice Christ himself lived. It’s is a justice that is willing to suffer, to bear the burden of the others, to obey the will of God for the salvation of man.

It is a justice that requires us to be tough and magnanimous. While it is true that we have to be sensitive and delicate, especially in our conscience, we should neither forget that it is also true that we have to learn how to be thick-skinned, how to be indifferent and to ignore certain things, and just move on, in spite of the cuts and bruises we may suffer along the way. All of these we should be willing to do if only to follow the example of Christ!

Remember Christ telling us how better it would be just to be one-eyed or with one hand than to have both eyes and hands if one part of the pair becomes an occasion of sin for us. We have to learn to suffer, always trusting in the end in the ever-powerful, merciful and wise will of God.

Somehow when we suffer injustice, we are given the opportunity to become like Christ as we should be. Let’s do our best not to miss that opportunity. We have to be careful with our emotions and instincts that will lead us to have a knee-jerk reaction only, unable to see the whole picture.

That is why, we have to make it a habit to identify ourselves more and more with Christ through regular reading and meditating on the gospel, developing the virtues, having recourse to the sacraments that make us Christ-like more through their own power rather than on our own dispositions, although the latter also are important.

In other words, we have to conquer ourselves and our own will and ways so that Christ can come into us, so that we can be more and more like Christ.