Yogyakarta to host next Asian Youth Day

Yogyakarta to host next Asian Youth Day


JAKARTA — Three thousand young people from 29 Asian countries taking part in the 7th Asian Youth Day 2017, which will be held from July 30 to August 6 in Yogyakarta (Central Java), Indonesia. The appointment Indonesian edition for young Asian Catholics will have as central topic the spread of the spirit of pluralism, expressed by the theme: “Rejoice, Asian Youth! Living the Gospel in multicultural. ”

The Catholic Church in Asia lives and bears witness to their faith in the wide variety of ethnic groups, languages ​​and cultures. Indonesia is the place where such diversity also exists in society. The adoption and defense of the concept of “unity in diversity” has become in fact the foundation of the Indonesian nation.

Mons. Pius Riana Prapdi, president of the Youth Commission of the Indonesian Bishops Conference (KWI KomKep) tells AsiaNews how the theme of the 7th Asian Youth Day has been chosen by agreement with the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences (FABC).

For participants in the event will be an opportunity to live the daily experience of the Catholic Church in Asia and Indonesia: a pluralist society characterized by diversity of languages, cultures, traditions and values. The guys who will take part will have the opportunity to renew and strengthen their faith as disciples of Christ and become witnesses for the next in the social contexts of Asia.

The Asian Youth Day in Yogyakarta follows, three years later, the one held in Daejeon (South Korea). Msgr. Ignatius Suharyo, President of the Indonesian Bishops Conference (KWI), explains that these events have the task of giving a strong boost to the morale of all young Asian Catholics in promoting a spirit of solidarity and generate positive values, as disciples of Christ and members of the Catholic Church. “As a guest – says Msgr. Suharyo – we hope that all participants understand deeply the importance of the concept of unity in diversity “.

Msgr. Prapdi emphasizes that diversity is a social and cultural priceless. It must be defended seriously and carefully maintained. The bishop’s comments are in line with the concepts expressed by the more moderate part of Indonesian society, which in recent years has been opposed to the radical Muslim groups who deny the pluralistic reality of the country.