Yuppies reminded: ‘Patience is still a virtue’

Yuppies reminded: ‘Patience is still a virtue’

Some 1,500 young people attended the “Reboot” singles event organized by The Lord’s Flock, Dec. 2, 2017 SYFOF

MANILA – At the singles event “Reboot”, “quality-time deprived” yuppies were reminded that despite the fast pace of modern living, patience is still essential to life, specifically to finding one’s purpose.

In one of the sessions of The Lord’s Flock event, head servant and international speaker Mik Flores reminded some 750 young people in attendance how patience, among others, is a crucial ingredient in finding one’s God-given purpose.

Attendees where reminded of the power of staying faithful to and positive about God’s plans.

Not why but why not?

Single people were encouraged to care less about the “whys” and pay more attention to the “why nots.”

In one of the talks, Lord’s Flock head steward Al Flores explained how singles today who are raised in a world of instant gratification tend to perceive and deal with problems differently.

According to him, this culture of “instant-ness” distinguishes the present generation from the generation of their parents, who were more patient and understanding in dealing with problems in relationships, in the family, and in the workplace.

Life’s purpose

Over-all, the sessions dealt with how singles are so engrossed with responsibilities and worldly pursuits that they fail to “take a closer look and realize once again what their purpose in life really is.”

Several individuals as well as couples also give testimonials on how faith and patience played important roles in understanding God and His will for them.

The Lord’s Flock is a Catholic charismatic ministry based in Quezon City that holds weekly worship services and funds multiple charities in the Philippines and in other countries.

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