Letter to the young ordinandi

I am writing you not so much as your provincial superior as your (older) brother. A few days from now, you will be ordained priests. By then, people will start calling you ‘Father’ – even those who barely know you.

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Bangladesh’s Archbishop Costa dies

Archbishop Moses Costa of Bangladesh's Chittagong Archdiocese died at past nine o’clock in the morning on July 13 due to multiple strokes caused by brain hemorrhage.


Let’s grow in our Marian devotion

It's May again, and we are reminded to turn our mind and heart to the most beautiful, blessed, divinely honored woman in the whole universe, none other than our Our Lady, “Mater Dei et mater nostra,” the Mother of God and our mother.



Statues of Mary vandalized in weekend of Catholic church attacks

Boston police are investigating an arson attack on a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary Saturday night, the second attack in the U.S. on a statue of the Virgin Mary in two days, and during the same weekend in which two Catholic church fires are being investigated for arson.