35th year since Fr. Romano’s disappearance marked

35th year since Fr. Romano’s disappearance marked

By Nestor L. Abrematea

July 12, 2018

Tacloban City

Fr. Rudy Romano, who was abducted by armed men, disappeared 35 years ago today, July 11.

Members of the Redemptorist community marked in a special way July 11, the same day Fr. Rudy Romano disappeared 35 years ago.

Romano, a native of Villareal, Samar was abducted by armed men on July 11, 1983 in Brgy.Tisa, Cebu City and since then, has no longer been seen and remains missing to date.

Our Mother of Perpetual Help parish priest Fr. Leo Armada, CssR., officiated a Mass Wednesday afternoon in honor of the disappearance of Romano.

“The Church is not about the bishops, the priests and the religious, we are the Church and we are always for the challenge to speak for the truth and fight for  justice and the oppressed,” said the priest.

Armada said Romano is remembered for working and helping the poor of Cebu.

He said 35 years since the disappearance of Romano, nothing has changed and many priests and religious continue to get killed and oppressed till today, but the Church will not be cowed.

“Our challenge nowadays is to be vigilant and be aware on what’s happening today, not to be mute and deaf and quiet  but speak and stand  out for the truth and spread the Good News for the kingdom of God,” stressed Armada.