A very profound concern

A very profound concern

EVEN but elementary knowledge and conviction will readily affirm that the CBCP would not in any way approve much less promote illegal drug manufacture, trade and/or use. It does not require much study or reflection to come up with such elementary conclusion.

The bishops’ conference thus deliberately and decidedly censures not only the inhuman but also the dehumanizing national killing agenda such as precisely the one that brought about the illegal drug phenomena in the country. In other words, the CBCP would not hesitate to speak–and definitely not keep quiet–about illegal drug business in the Philippines that ruins lives, that causes criminality, that shames the poor and suffering Republic as a whole.

However, let it be likewise categorically pointed out that the CBCP would definitely not play blind, deaf and dumb when human beings are treated with inhumanity, when killings become a matter of course, when human lives are ended without end, so to speak. There is a whale of a difference between getting rid of drugs and getting rid of lives. The former is well-separable from the latter, i.e., getting rid of prohibited drugs and getting rid of human lives though these be involved in the latter.

Illegal drug-making, trading and using are definitely gross and profound social maladies whereas they ruin human lives now and the days yet to come, it foments criminality day and night, it destroys families, it debases the young victims thereof. But to simply kill those therein involved one way or another is neither a downright triumph much less a truly praiseworthy venture.

Even the Almighty looks at human life as something precious and irreplaceable such that the universal Commandment “You shall not kill,” is a definite and defined mandate already promulgated even before the Church came to fore.

When bishops see nothing, say nothing and do nothing–they are definitely not Men of God who are enjoined to love others, to serve people, to teach what is right or wrong, what is virtuous or vicious.