Anti-death penalty advocate cries railroading

Anti-death penalty advocate cries railroading

Rodolfo Diamante of the CBCP’s Episcopal Commission on Prison Pastoral Care (Photo: (CBCP-ECPPC))

MANILA – A lay prison ministry official of the Catholic Church scored the undue haste of the House leadership to pass a measure seeking to revive the death penalty by next week.

Mr. Rodolfo Diamante, executive secretary of the CBCP Commission on Prison Pastoral Care, said the termination of the plenary debates ahead of schedule is tantamount to railroading the passage of the bill.

Diamante said this happened after seven session days and with only seven of the 50 agreed lawmakers who wanted to interpellate the bill’s sponsor were given the floor.

“The House leadership is hell bent to pass it even as it appears during the debates that our side is winning the arguments,” he said.

Diamante called on lay groups and anti-death penalty advocates to make their presence felt in Congress as the House leadership may put the measure to a vote next week.

He said Feb. 29 and March 1 are “crucial dates” as the majority “will most likely exert its will on the Congressmen and call for party vote on the matter”.

“May we therefore call on you to please be at the House of Representatives on the said dates from 4pm onwards and let us fill-up the gallery,” added Diamante.

“This will definitely inspire our allies in the House to vote according to their consciences and junk the death penalty bill,” he also said. (CBCPNews)