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Antipolo youth hold back-to-back community-centered events

Antipolo youth hold back-to-back community-centered events

Young people of a Parish Youth Ministry under the Diocese of Antipolo join the Community Building Formation Program, May 21, 2017. CHRISTINE PAGUIRIGAN

ANTIPOLO City – Aligning with the Catholic Church in the Philippines’ celebration theme this year, focused on the “parish, communion and community,” the Diocese of Antipolo Youth Ministry held back-to-back community centered events for two consecutive weekends.

In a much-anticipated sports day on May 20, hundreds of youth from Antipolo were encouraged to further strengthen the bonds of community.

According to Quet Rafallo, the diocesan youth leader in charge of all formation programs in the diocese, “All programs offered were made for the young, to help them see the real meaning of service.”

“We extend it [formation] out to everyone, especially parishes, because we need to reach out to the grassroots and encourage them to participate in the Church’s mission,’ she said.

Friendship, fellowship

“We urge that each parish form a strong foundation because through it, we can easily guide them towards Christ,” added Rafallo.

Inspired by the theme: “Makilaro, Makisaya, Kasama si Maria,” many young people discovered the depth of friendship and fellowship together.

Immediately after the 9th Diocesan Youth Sports Fest (DYSF) held at the Assumption College Antipolo, one of the 71 parishes requested to have a community building formation.

Young leaders of the diocese facilitated a whole day formation on May 21 for the youth ministry of St. Raphael the Archangel Parish, Montalban.

A number of activities that integrated processing, sharing, reflection, and catechesis led participants to the core idea of the formation, fellowship.

Tailor-fit activities

The weekend after, a three-day Youth Encounter for the Ministry for Youth Affairs (MYA) was held at CICM Maryhill, reinforcing the message that they belong to a community who journey with them.
MYA is a set of young leaders who facilitate formation and lead the diocesan youth ministry.

Every time, the MYA strives to come out with tailor-fit and unique formation programs for the youth at different stages of spiritual maturity.

“Through formation programs we better see how individuals and groups mature as leaders in a community and how each one are transformed by their relationship with Christ,” shared Rafallo. CBCPNews

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