Archbishop explains why ‘difficult people’ exist

Archbishop explains why ‘difficult people’ exist

Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Julian Leow gives a homily on what truly matters in life, discernment, and love, during the recently concluded CFC – Singles for Christ Southeast Asia and Borneo Regional Conference (SFC ReCon) that gathered more than 200 delegates from all over the region from Oct. 19 to 21, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. IAN RESCO/SFC

By Nirva’ana Ella Delacruz

Oct. 27, 2018


Why do “difficult people” even exist?

Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Julian Leow explained that difficult people are meant to teach us some of life’s greatest lessons.

“May we be present to every person to share His unconditional love and mercy, especially the difficult ones, the challenging ones. It is through them that we gain the most important lessons in life,” said the prelate, speaking to more than 200 young working professionals who gathered for the CFC – Singles for Christ Southeast Asia and Borneo Regional Conference (SFC ReCon) in this city.

He said every Christian needs to recognize Christ’s presence in every person he meets. “Every person has his own story,” added Leow, who celebrated the closing Mass for the conference on Oct. 21 at the Grand Seasons Hotel.

Heaven’s jury 

According to him, difficult people play a special role in the life of a Christian. “God has put many special children, special people in our lives precisely to teach us to care for them. No one is left behind. That is how we will be judged,” explained the prelate.

Leow said it is possible that aside from God who will judge the faithful in the afterlife, “the jury” that the faithful will face will be “the people God has put in [their] life, the thirsty, the hungry, those in prison, those perhaps we have rejected in our faith journey, who will speak for or against [them].”

He called on the delegates who came from all over Asia to see what truly matters in life. “The choices we make today will determine where we end up on the last day. Not the number of degrees you have will determine your entry into heaven but how much you served one another,” stressed Leow.

What matters in life?

“To be the last for everyone, to love even when others have turned away. To be the last for the last, the least, the lost and the little ones. Be strengthened with joy in everything you do,” he added.

The archbishop also addressed many modern young people’s confusion and lack of direction in life. According to him, the one thing that can clarify one’s life is putting God first in everything.

“If we put God first in our life, all things will be given to us… We have so many distractions, so many responsibilities. Let us ask ourselves. What is most important to me at this juncture of my life?”

Inspired by the theme “Fortified,” taken from Colossians 1:11, the SFC ReCon gathered Catholic singles and couples serving in the singles’ ministry from Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia.