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Archbishop Palma marks 20th year as bishop with CFC

Archbishop Palma marks 20th year as bishop with CFC

Thousands of Couples for Christ leaders gathered for the annual CFC Leaders’ Conference, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma celebrated a Holy Mass together with priests from Metro Manila, Ecuador, France, and Israel, Jan. 13, 2018. RUEL TENERIFE

PASAY City – Thousands of Couples for Christ (CFC) leaders who converged Saturday, Jan. 13, in this city had an extra-special guest of honor at the CFC Leaders’ Conference 2018 in the person of Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma, who marked two decades as a bishop that day.

Leaders from Canada, the U.S., Australia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, the Middle East, Africa, among others, gathered for this year’s conference, which carried the theme “Rekindle the Gift… Fulfill Your Ministry” taken from 2 Timothy 1:6, 4:1-5.

“Speaking of gifts… Twenty years ago, exactly this day, the 13th of January, I was ordained a bishop in Iloilo. Maybe you are wondering why I’m here…[It’s] because I owe a lot to CFC and I mean it,” said the bishop, who was the main celebrant for the Holy Mass before the main sessions.

Recognizing the good

“ I want to tell you precisely that I want to unite myself to you in this meaningful event… All good things are gifts form the Lord,” added Palma, who celebrated the Eucharist together with priests from Metro Manila, Ecuador, Israel, France, among others.

In reference to CFC’s theme for 2018, the prelate then called on the faithful to “recognize the many good things, the many gifts we have received,” noting that such an acknowledgment is precisely “the basis” for rekindling those gifts.

According to Palma, rekindling one’s gifts means to have God as one’s focus.

“We rekindle [our gifts] when daily we think of God, when we realize that because we receive this from the Lord then our first responsibility is before the Lord, the Giver of Gifts,” he explained.

‘Giver of Gifts’

The prelate then quoted St. Augustine, who said, “You touched me and I am set on fire. To attain the peace which is Yours, o Lord.”

He stressed that rekindling one’s gifts is only possible “if our intention, if our mindset, if our reference is the Lord, the Giver of Gifts.”

The Mass was followed by the main sessions, which were given by CFC president Michael Ariola and by Melo Villaroman, CFC chairman. CBCPNews