Author: Rev. Eutiquio B. Belizar, Jr., SThD

Is the withdrawal from ICC moral or immoral?

BISHOPS and priests are neither lawyers nor jurists. Legal matters are not their field of competence. This is usually the battle cry of those who tell bishops and priests to “stay out of politics”.

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Supreme irony

I HAD always thought that justice was blind. Now, with the efforts to again impeach a Supreme Court Chief Justice, I realize it is we the people who have been blind all along to the mystique represented by the Justices of the Philippine Supreme Court.

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An untoward award?

MANY UST alumni must have lately felt like being hit by a train. The controversy involving USTAAI, an independent (so says the university) alumni association linked to the University of Santo Tomas, giving an award to an undersecretary of presidential communications, an alumna, for government service, has sparked outrage.

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