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Baguio to observe ‘Day of Reparation’

Baguio to observe ‘Day of Reparation’

Baguio Bishop Victor Bendico (center) IMMACULATE CONCEPTION PARISH SABLAN


June 17, 2018


Joining Lingayen Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas’ call to observe a national “Day of Reparation” for the recent killings of priests, the most recent of which being the shooting of Fr. Richmond Nilo, the diocese of Baguio will be ringing its bells and offering all its Masses on June 18 for “the sins of sacrilege and calumny hurled against our priests and bishops.”

“We, Christ’s faithful, in the Diocese of Baguio express our sadness over the murder of Fr. Richmond V. Nilo, parish priest of St. Vincent, Ferrer in Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija. What is becoming of our beloved country and our respective communities? To what end will these killings be?,” reads a statement issued by Baguio Bishop Victor Bendico.

The prelate decried the “worldy powers” at work in the country.

“Strength is now shown by the way how we become disrespectful and even have no sense of the sacred or fear of the Lord. Fr. Richmond was gunned down in a chapel – a house of prayer, a house of God. The blood of our brother flowed beside the altar,” added Bendico.

The Diocese of Baguio’s observation of the “Day of Reparation” will be marked by the following:

  • Offering of all the Masses (in the Diocese) “for the sins of blasphemy against God,” among others. Mass presiders will wear “the penitential color of violet.” According to the statement, it will also be a day of fasting and abstinence for the priests, religious, and the rest of the faithful.
  • The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed for one hour, at a time most convenient for the parishioners. The priests must go to confession as well as hear the confessions of the faithful on this day, too.
  • Parish church bells will ring for 15 minutes at 6:00 p.m. to commemorate the time Nilo’s murder.

Bendico expressed the hope that justice will be served in the cases of the recent priest killings.

“We continue to pray for Fr. Richmond and our other brother priests who have been murdered. We pray that justice be given to them. We pray for ourselves too that fear not over run our hearts but the love of God instead to help us live by and uphold the faith,” he adds.