Balanga diocese joins crack down on single-use plastics

Balanga diocese joins crack down on single-use plastics

By CBCP News

July 18, 2019

Manila, Philippines

A Catholic diocese in the country’s north has joined the growing number of dioceses fighting plastic pollution.

The Diocese of Balanga has adopted the city’s directive which introduces a restriction on single-use plastics.

Bishop Ruperto Santos said they are also discouraging the use of plastic flowers as decors in churches, as well as tarpaulins.

“In our cathedral, we go green. We discourage the use of plastic flowers and decors, but natural plants and flowers. We also set aside tarpaulins,” he said.

The move came after their July 15 clergy meeting, wherein parish priests agreed “to go for green environment”.

“We are supporting the city ordinance of no plastic plates, cups, spoons, and fork. We encourage bringing your own plates, etc,” Santos said.

Bishop Alberto Uy of Taglibaran earlier encouraged parishes in his dioceses to avoid using single-use plastic such as shopping bags, straws and foam packaging.

“As much as possible, please avoid the use of styros and plastics in any of our gatherings and activities,” Uy said.

In its latest pastoral letter on ecology, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines also tackled the issue on plastic pollution.

The bishops, as a collegial body, agreed to promote ecological awareness and action through integral waste segregation and by minimizing the use of plastic.