Ban on rosaries in vehicles goes too far— CBCP exec

Ban on rosaries in vehicles goes too far— CBCP exec

Authorities can and should impose policies that keep motorists safe. But in a recent move involving rosary beads and religious icons, officials overreacted, a Catholic priest said.

Fr. Jerome Secillano, executive secretary for the bishops’ public affairs committee, said the new policy simply goes to far.

“I agree with banning the use of phones while driving but they are absolutely missing the point by prohibiting the display of small religious images in cars,” Secillano said.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board has banned small images of saints, rosaries and other things off cash dashboards because of safety concerns.

The ban took effect on May 18 as the agency started implementing the Anti-Distracted Driving Law.

The priest said the agency is focusing on “small details” but have not acted on the more pressing and serious threats such as colorum public utility vehicles, disciplining abusive drivers, among others.

“It’s not the rosaries that cause accidents, but foremost among them are mechanical problems and the drivers’ ignorance and abusive behavior on the road,” he said. Niceforo Vince A. Balbedina/CBCPNews