Bataan priests offer spiritual assistance to Covid-19 patients

Bataan priests offer spiritual assistance to Covid-19 patients

Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga. SCREENSHOT/SABINS STUDIO

By CBCP News

April 11, 2020

Manila, Philippines

A Catholic diocese in central Luzon is asking authorities to allow priests their sacramental duties amid the enhanced community quarantine.

Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga said priests need to do everything to remain close to the faithful.

“We are committed to go to hospitals for sick calls, to do funerals and to bless urns,” Santos said.

He stressed that the diocese is committed to assist the sick, without complicating the task of the authorities.

“We appeal and asked that our priests be given quarantine pass in order for them to go around the parishes,” he said.

Santos earlier presided over a funeral Mass for the city’s administrator and the first Covid-19 casualty in Bataan.

According to him, one of his priests has also been placed under monitoring for blessing of a hospital intended for suspected Covid-19 patients.

“Our priests here are mandated to go out to help and be of service especially to the elderly. I asked them to be visible,” Santos said.

The prelate also said that the diocese and its parishes has been “collaborating” with local government officials for the common good. “We work hand in hand,” he said.

The bishop and his clergy have earlier agreed to donate their monthly allowances to help to their personnel and other people during the crisis.