Bishop blasts Duterte as ‘disgrace to our country’

Bishop blasts Duterte as ‘disgrace to our country’

Protesters stage a rally in Manila to protest the “extrajudicial killings” under President Rodrigo Duterte’s so-called war on drugs. FILE PHOTO

By Roy Lagarde

January 14, 2019

Manila, Philippines

A Catholic bishop has spurned attacks by President Rodrigo Duterte on the Church, saying defiantly that no one can silence them against the administration’s supposed “kill, kill, kill” mindset.

Bishops Ruperto Santos of Balanga said that the spate of killings under the Duterte administration is a “disappointment” to the country.

“His presidency is disappointment and disgrace to our country. It is known as ‘kill, kill, kill’. And we totally speak, stand against it,” Santos said.

The prelate was reacting to Duterte’s recent tirade against the Church, even saying that bishops should be killed for supposedly doing nothing but criticize his administration.

Malacañang brushed off his remarks as just a “joke” but it is no laughing matter for the bishops.

Bishop Santos said such statement from the President may promote criminality and lawlessness.

“If he does it with bishops, how much more to ordinary citizens? What kind of head of state (is he) who encourages killing?” he exclaimed.

Last week, Duterte in a supposed joke suggested to bystanders to rob and kill rich bishops.

Bishop Arturo Bastes of Sorsogon said such public statements are already alarming and condemnable.

“And his ‘fans’ consider his murderous words as a mere joke! Is it a joke to advise people to kill?” Bastes lamented.

“There should be a mass movement among decent Filipinos to make him desist from speaking like a devil. Let us do something to make him stop this evil!” he added.