Bishop David launches new book on ‘The Gospel of Love’

Bishop David launches new book on ‘The Gospel of Love’
Bishop David launches new book on ‘The Gospel of Love’
Bishop Pablo David of Kalookan speaks during the launching of his book ‘The Gospel of Love According to Juan/a’ at Piux XII Center in Manila, July 10, 2017. MAX REMPILLO

MANILA— Bishop Pablo Virgilio David of Kalookan has launched a new book that explores the biblical and socio-cultural roots of mercy.

The book, titled “The Gospel of Love According to Juan/a”, is a compilation of real life narratives and reflections from the perspective of Filipinos.

It was launched on July 10 in the presence of some bishops and lay faithful at the Pope Pius XII Catholic Center in Manila.

Co-authored by David and Nina L. B. Tomen, the book rediscovers the art and power of storytelling in practicing the Catholic Faith.

In places where proclaiming the gospel was too moralistic, “this volume could offer new expressions,” Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila said.

According to the cardinal, the world “would find more light” if we have more storytellers.

“You got a lot of smoke in my eyes because you set my heart on fire with the Gospel of Love according to Juan and Juana,” he told the authors.

David said the book aims to give inspiration to all the faithful and for them to also share their experience of love and mercy of God.

“I hope you are motivated to write your own stories after reading this book,” he said.

The book is the second in “The Gospel According to Juan/a series”. Like its precursor, “The Gospel of Mercy According to Juan/a”, it is a narrative of Filipinos’ real life stories’. KAT SAGUID, UST INTERN/CBCPNews