Bishop praises unity to rebuild Bataan church ravaged by storms

Bishop praises unity to rebuild Bataan church ravaged by storms

Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga lauded the unity of the parishioners as he reconsecrates St. Raymund Nonnatus Parish Church in Brgy. San Ramon, Dinalupihan, Bataan June 23. SCREENSHOT/SABINS STUDIO FACEBOOK PAGE

By Kendrick Ivan Panganiban

July 4, 2019

Dinalupihan, Bataan

Balanga Bishop Ruperto Santos preached on the value of generosity and the capacity of the faithful to rebuild a Church.

Hundreds of faithful gathered for the reconsecration of St. Raymund Nonnatus Parish Church in Brgy. San Ramon last Corpus Christi Sunday after it was ravaged by two storms a year ago.

He said that aside from the repaired structure, “what we should see is that this church was once affected by the storm, but now it has been built again by the unity of this people.”

“Hence the mystery here that we appreciate, is how we give, that is why we receive; we offered, that is why we were also given,” Bishop Santos said.

Noting the importance of that Sunday, he said, “It is important and notable because on this day, we consecrate this church once more on the Solemnity of Christ’s Body and Blood.”

”No bread is made out of one piece of wheat. No wine is made out of two or three grapes. We need plenty of wheat and plenty of grapes to make the bread and wine,” Santos said.

“Therefore we need each other to be one community. That is the true miracle! Miracles happen when you open your hands and hearts to be one people,” he added.

For his part, San Ramon Parish Priest Fr. Ramon Mariano said he refused the idea of putting up a church marker “because this church was not a product of one or a few people”.

“This church is a blessing from God that we have built up together. And so I say, you are the marker, the sign that this church was built through the unity of the Christian faithful – the Parish of St. Raymund Nonnatus,” Mariano said.

The renovation of the church started about three months after the storms devastated the coastal towns of Bataan.

The attempts to rebuild have fostered the community spirit, which according to Fr. Mariano is based on the effective upholding of the Basic Ecclesial Communities in the area, known locally in Bataan as “Kristiyanong Magkakapitbahay” or KRISMA.

The parish also celebrated its 25th anniversary of dedication as local community during the said event.