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Bishop thai for the World Day of the Sick

BANGKOK, Feb 10, 2017–Msgr. Philip Banchong Chaiyara, bishop of the northeastern diocese of Ubon Rachathanee and president of the Episcopal Commission for social work has sent a letter to the faithful on the occasion of the 25th World Day of the Sick. The celebration will take place tomorrow, February 11, 2017 at the memory of Our Lady of Lourdes, the protector of the sick.

In his letter, the prelate emphasizes the theme already expressed by the  message that Pope Francis issued for the celebration of the Day , which is:  Amazement at what God does  with the theme:  “has done great things for me the Almighty …”  ( Lk 1:49) ”

Msgr. Chaiyara calls “on this special occasion I would like everyone to join in the celebration of the World Day of the sick, especially the Mass, with careful thought on the theme that the Pope gave us to meditate seriously on the greatness of God against Mary, mother of Christ, which is just one of the great things the Lord has done for all of us, humanity. This is why all men, as sons of the Almighty, are born with the same human dignity, that they are people worthy of honor and respect. There should not be anything that can reduce the value of our human dignity, in spite of illness, disability or economic status. No matter who the sick, the disabled, the marginalized or those who have to endure great hardships in daily life. All of them have one thing in common: the equal dignity of being children of God. ”

The prelate added that “this mission of the Church, it is also our mission as believers, who assist, care for and serve the sick and the marginalized. We renew our mission of ‘love and service’ to fill and strengthen our spirituality by following the example of Mary, our mother and San Camillo, patron of the sick and those engaged in health care. ”

Bishop Chaiyara suggested that during the Mass tomorrow, priests celebrate the sacrament of anointing for the sick and the elderly, and emphasize the importance of preparing in advance those who will receive the sacrament to have a clear understanding of the meaning, for a his fruitful reception.

Moreover, – he suggested – “it would be the admirable everyone remembered visit to Jesus Christ, who lives in our brothers and older sisters and the sick, who do not have the opportunity to participate in Sunday Mass. This task makes us witnesses of an authentic sign of the presence of the Church and of Jesus Christ who has given us an example of this important mission. ”

In conclusion, he encourages everyone to accomplish the mission and at the same time expressed his best wishes to those who are suffering. “May you realize that the Church will never abandon you.”

To those who work in health care to cure the sick, he hopes to “receive the blessing of God with physical and spiritual enthusiasm, to serve your brothers and sisters in Christ.” (AsiaNews)