Bishop to catechists: Be creative, adaptive amid pandemic

Bishop to catechists: Be creative, adaptive amid pandemic

By CBCP News

September 18, 2020

Cebu City

As students continue their education through online learning, a Catholic bishop exhorted catechists to be “creative and adaptive” in their ministry.

Auxiliary Bishop Medyphil Billiones of Cebu said that because of the coronavirus pandemic, the digital space has become even more the “frontier of evangelization”.

He urged catechists to utilize the digital platform and be with their students who are mostly confined to online education.

“Let us do our work of catechizing even in that space,” Bishop Billiones said. “Let us not fear it but be creative and become effective communicators.”

The prelate made the call in a video message for this year’s National Catechetical Month, celebrated by the Catholic Church in the Philippines every September.

According to him, even the digital world can become a space of encounter with God.

“The key instrument to facilitate this is all of you, our dearly beloved catechists,” Bishop Billiones said.

As the health crisis brought “pessimism and pain” to a lot of people, he also stressed the need for catechists who are “joyful messengers”.

But that this does not mean that they act as if there is no problem, the bishop said. Joy, he added, is rather the spirit of hope that people can heal with God’s grace.

“Nourish this first… and then you will naturally radiate this to others,” he said.


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