Bishop urges bets to shun ‘fake news’

Bishop urges bets to shun ‘fake news’

Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo, Caritas Philippines national director and lead convenor of Halalang Marangal 2022.

By CBCP News

April 19, 2022

Manila, Philippines

A Catholic bishop told candidates to turn away from ‘fake news and deception’ to win in the May 9 elections.

In his Easter message, Halalang Marangal 2022 lead convenor Bishop Jose Colin Bagaforo urged them to “uphold sincerity and truth” and “to return to God and His ways”.

“Candidates should turn away from disinformation or fake news, deception, and slander, whether against other candidates or to promote themselves,” Bagaforo said.

“Instead, they should espouse truth and honesty, and strive for excellence, particularly in the platforms and programs they are proposing,” he said.

The prelate, who is also the national director of Caritas Philippines, stressed that “malice, wickedness, corruption, and self-interest should have no place in public service”.

Halalang Marangal 2022 is a coalition of more than 20 church and civic organizations that are committed to ensure clean and peaceful elections.

The Kidapawan bishop then reminded the political bets that government posts are not positions of power and privilege but of service.

“…They are God’s instruments to minister to the people and not Lord it over them,” Bagaforo added. “They should draw strength and guidance from God to sustain them in their public service.”

“They should use the power and authority attendant to their positions to be agents of change for the good,” he also said.


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