Bishop urges prayer for Duterte

Bishop urges prayer for Duterte

By Roy Lagarde

January 22, 2019

Manila, Philippines

A Catholic bishop has urged the faithful to pray for President Rodrigo Duterte despite his constant attack on their faith and the church leadership.

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo said that participating actively in politics also means praying for their political leaders that they may serve the common good.

“Among the many things that we can and should do, as believers we do what we are supposed to be good at: pray,” Pabillo said.

The prelate made the call a day after urging Catholics to defend their faith from the attacks of Duterte who called God “stupid” and mocked the church doctrines.

According to him, the people have all the more reason to pray when they feel that they are being persecuted.

“A concrete way to love our enemies is to pray for them,” he said.

A vocal critic of the Duterte’s bloody war on drugs, Pabillo admitted that he himself has been praying for the President.

“I do not stop to point out the unjust and false things that he does and utters, but I do pray for him. My prayer for him is: Lord, change him!” he added.

But true prayer, according to him, is also to be accompanied by “righteous lives”.

“As we pray, let us strive to live justly and not allow anger to boil over,” he said.