Bishops warn against attempts to foil May polls

Bishops warn against attempts to foil May polls

By Roy Lagarde

January 30, 2019

Manila, Philippines

The country’s Catholic bishops have warned against attempts to avoid the midterm elections.

In a statement, they urged the public to turn their attention to the “threat” that the Lower House’s version of the federal constitution poses.

“Its version of federalism is vague and it will do away with the 2019 elections,” the bishops said.

“We denounce any attempt to avoid the elections. This right of the people to vote should not be shelved,” they said.

The church officials issued the warning after their plenary assembly in Manila over the weekend.

According to them, the charter change passed by the lower chamber and now being dangled to the senators is a serious and “more insidious” matter that people should look into.

“It takes away the term limits of most of the elected officials and allows political dynasties to continue,” they said.

The draft federal constitution, they claimed, also opens the national resources to foreign ownership and eventual control.

“Let us be vigilant in what is happening. Let us not just be on-lookers but let us be involved,” the bishops said.