Bishops welcome SC ruling on martial law

Bishops welcome SC ruling on martial law

Supreme Court upholds martial law in Mindanao. CBCPNews 

Some Catholic bishops have accepted the verdict of the Supreme Court affirming President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of martial law in Mindanao.

Archbishop Martin Jumoad of Ozamiz believes martial law is the “ultimate instrument” to maintain peace and order in many parts of the region.

“The majority of people of Mindanao are happy. Hope others will feel with us here in Mindanao,” Jumoad said.

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo who questioned the martial law declaration before the SC also bowed to the decision.

In a petition, the prelate, along with some church people, asked the high court last month to compel congress to convene in a joint session on martial law.

“I submit to the decision of the SC. We tried to use the legal framework without threats and bad words,” Pabillo said.

Bishop Honesto Ongtioco of Cubao said he was certain the SC discussed the issue well. “I trust their judgment,” he said.

Saying that “serious matters call for serious measures,” Bishop Ruperto Santos of Balanga said that the SC made the “right judgment” on martial law in Mindanao to maintain peace and protect lives.

But he cautioned that military rule should remain only be in the troubled southern Philippine region.

“And we should be vigilant that military should not abuse its power nor misuse it for personal interests,” Santos said. “Human rights should be preserved, properties be respected.”

Duterte ordered martial law in Mindanao on May 23 following a terrorist attack in Marawi City by the Islamic State-inspired Maute group. CBCPNews