Cagayan BEC marks 5 years of steady growth

Cagayan BEC marks 5 years of steady growth

BEC members from Iguig, Cagayan gather to celebrate half a decade of evangelization, formation, and community life. GENE BAQUIRAN

IGUIG, Cagayan – As a Basic Ecclesial Community under the St. James the Apostle Parish in this town celebrated its fifth year last July, its members look back at highlights of half a decade.

Initiated by Fr. Carlos Evangelista in 2012, the BEC has since kept up several regular activities for 23 baranggays in an effort to keep parishioners’ faith alive.

“It is important hat we have these kinds of [activities], so that our faith will not get brittle – this is what Father [Evangelista] taught us,” shared Maylene Rumusud Najorra, one of the active members in the community.

Actively serving

Regular gatherings include weekly Gospel sharings, novenas on Saturdays, holy hour on Fridays, and more.

The group currently has 30 active participants, who also volunteer as church workers. Three couples from the group are involved in pre-wedding seminars while the others are catechists at the Dumpao Elementary School. Twice a week, they teach 4th to 6th grade students in preparation for their Confirmation every March.

Sharing Christ

In 2015, they launched Live Christ Share Christ (LCSC), a movement for new evangelization for the parish, in the parish, and by the parish intended to bring back nominal and lapsed Catholics back to the church and for those who are already active in church to deepen their relationship with Jesus.

Members also went to different barangays and to the provincial jail to share about the Word of God. Their modules included topics like Jesus the Messiah, Repentance in Faith, and Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

However, under the spiritual direction of their new parish priest, Fr. Elinor Abad, they are focusing more on regular BEC activities.

They plan to continue building their group and conducting outreach projects in nearby areas in hopes of inspiring them start their own BEC activities. Mariz Ponti/CBCPNews