Calbayog bishop shares 3 elements of a ‘peaceful life’

Calbayog bishop shares 3 elements of a ‘peaceful life’

Bishop Isabelo C. Abarquez with the newly-ordained deacons from his diocese on May 3, 2018: Rev. Ronee Christi E. Obong, Rev. Jun Mark T. Guillemer, and Rev. Jonathan B. Alamin. REV. ALAMIN’S FB ACCOUNT

By Carl Bordeos

May 23, 2018

Calbayog City, Samar

A Catholic bishop in this diocese has exhorted his flock to refrain from worrying a lot, and to instead observe three elements to a peaceful life.

Speaking to more than a thousand people, Calbayog Bishop Isabelo C. Abarquez highly encouraged this year’s participants of Pentecost Vigil 2018, comprising members of different church organizations of Calbayog and nearby parishes, to have the “silence of the mind, the simplicity of the heart, and the serenity of the soul.”

The prelate also reminded the faithful that “by worrying a lot, we become a nation of worries.”

Re-experiencing peace and joy

Meanwhile, Reverend Jonathan B. Alamin, one of the invited speakers, stressed the active role God plays in everyday life. He said: “Everything in our lives is God’s initiative.”

One of the newly-ordained deacons of Calbayog diocese, Alamin said, “Looking back on my own journey, where I am now is not my personal achievement, my effort nor success.”

“It is the Holy Spirit that has been filling me with his graces, guiding me on my path,” shared Alamin, who said his sense of peace and joy upon entering the seminary is the same as on the day of his ordination on May 3.

“One of the things I have learned in my personal journey is the truth that one’s vocation is both a gift and a mystery, and that it is something divine,” Alamin continued.
Great gift

Abarquez also reminded the faithful that the “Sacraments of Baptism, especially Confirmation, are like Pentecost on our part.”

He added that with this great gift, “all baptized have experienced what Mary, the apostles and disciples experienced during the descent of the Holy Spirit”, which happened 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection.

Best place to encounter God

Celebrated annually, this year’s Pentecost vigil was hosted by the Light of Jesus Calbayog chapter, with the theme “The Holy Spirit: Renewing Servants of Evangelization.”

Before the holy Mass, several activities were held like the singing of Salve Regina, Bible enthronement, praise and worship, testimonies, and prayers of supplication from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. of May 19.

Guest and parish priests concelebrated the Mass with Abarquez, who ended his homily with “[The] heart is the best place to encounter God.”