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Candidate’s character matters, says ex-PPCRV chief

Candidate’s character matters, says ex-PPCRV chief

By CBCP News

February 9, 2022

Manila, Philippines

A former head of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) on Wednesday urged the people to examine the character of a candidate before voting him or her to office.

PPCRV chairperson emeritus Henrietta de Villa said government posts should be given to good candidates, and people should vote for politicians by judging their character.

“Have the perseverance to know the character of the candidate. During the campaign, they make sweet promises but their character will still come out in the end,” she said in a televised public briefing.

De Villa also underscored the importance of studying the platforms of candidates in voting for the May 9 local and national elections.

She encouraged the electorate to learn more about the platforms of candidates and assess records in public service.

“Take time to listen to the candidates in their interviews, during debates, and at their rallies about their plans when they get elected,” De Villa said.

The former Philippine envoy to the Holy See said such discernment must be the basis in choosing candidates, and not who gives the highest amount to buy their votes.

“To those who love the country and themselves, do not sell your vote,” she added.

The 90-day campaign period kicked off Tuesday for candidates seeking national elective posts.

On Election Day, De Villa urged the voters to prepare their list of candidates to vote for in order to cast their votes faster.

She, however, stressed that the list must be written on a paper and not saved on a cell phone, which is not allowed in polling precincts.


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