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Cardinal Quevedo: Stop anti-Muslim hate

Cardinal Quevedo: Stop anti-Muslim hate
Cardinal Orlando Quevedo enters the Baclaran Church before Mass, April 26, 2017. ROY LAGARDE

Intolerance and discrimination against Muslims are not new, but signs of these phenomena seems to be on the rise in recent days, Cardinal Orlando Quevedo of the Cotabato archdiocese said.

He said this negative stereotype associating Muslims with violence are happening again because of the crisis in Marawi City besieged by the Maute terror group.

“Many… especially those outside Marawi. And when they hear the stories of evacuees, their prejudices rise,” Quevedo, a known advocate of peace between rebel Islamic groups and the government, said.

The first cardinal from Mindanao also emphasized the need to educate Christians to stop anti-Muslim hate.

“And I say, let them live and get exposure in two, three weeks with Muslims in Cotabato for instance,” he said.

The Mindanao bishops earlier gave their support to the martial law in Mindanao that was declared by President Rodrigo Duterte after the Marawi crisis erupted.

But they said it should only be “temporary” and “a means of last resort”.

Quevedo said they will continue to back martial law “until we believe that is needed, and then we evaluate again the situation as time goes”.

He said there are many problems in Mindanao that need to be addressed from illegal drugs to corruption.

“They are not really part of rebellion but one can say that criminality is rebellion against the law. So you can (cover) that, I think, a little bit,” said Quevedo.

“But I would like to see some things that are truly accomplished definitively – the change of culture from impunity to a culture of accountability and transparency. That’s the most important,” he added. CBCPNews