Cardinal Tagle hits ‘culture of death’

Cardinal Tagle hits ‘culture of death’
Catholic devotees walk along Roxas Boulevard during the “Penitential Walk for Life” on Good Friday, April 14, 2017. MARIA TAN 

MANILA— Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle has challenged the faithful to resist the “culture of death” which, he said, nowadays risk becoming passively accepted.

Speaking in front of the Manila Cathedral after the “Penitential Walk for Life” in Manila on Good Friday, he said that the spate of killings in the country today should “shock and sadden all of us”.

“Let us not allow a culture, where killing is normal, to spread because we might get used to it and be unaware that we are already propagating a mentality, a way of life that brings death,” Tagle said.

The cardinal also called on the faithful to be proactive in the fight against the culture of death, saying that people “should never be just spectators”.

“We can’t just shake our heads or simply complain. Each one of us should act in our own little ways to strengthen and spread a culture of love, compassion, and respect which are the foundations of life,” he said.

The Manila archbishop also called on the faithful to spread love to fight the death culture that is creeping the country.

“Life is founded on love. That is the culture that we are going to use against the culture of death,” he added.

As early as 4:30am, more than 2,000 Catholics walked from the Malate Church to the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros as they prayed the Way of the Cross.

The procession took around four hours wherein at each station, devotees prayed for peace, for the poor, environment, and the victims of injustices and extrajudicial killings.

It may be recalled that the cardinal has strongly denounced the culture of death at the Quirino Grandstand during the February Walk for Life that was organized by the Council of the Laity of the Philippines to campaign against drug-related killings and the reimposition of the death penalty. CBCPNews