Cardinal Tagle: There’s no room for individualism in evangelization

Cardinal Tagle: There’s no room for individualism in evangelization

By Roy Lagarde

June 27, 2019

Manila, Philippines

When it comes to evangelization and social communication, there is no room for individualism, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle said.

The head of the Manila archdiocese warned that individualism weakens the very meaning of the church and its mission.

He stressed that there is always a “danger” that people who work for the same cause end up working separately.

“And in the meantime, the voice becomes weaker and then impact becomes also less,” Tagle said.

The cardinal made his comments as he greeted the Voice of the Word Media Network (VWMN) on its first year anniversary on June 26.

The media facility of the Borongan diocese runs an AM radio, an FM online radio, 4 Cable TV Channels, a news service and a newspaper; its contents are also distributed through different social media platforms, which include Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and Spotify.

Tagle, who also heads the Philippine Radio Educational and Information Center (PREIC), lauded the initiative “to give voice to the Word of God”.

“With communion for a common mission, we hope that our voice will come across clearly, unified and the impact would be greater,” he said.

Cardinal Tagle also emphasized that the world of social media is a very potent tool that needs to be evangelized.

“The bearer of the Word must receive the Word of God. Before the network could be the voice of the Word, it must be heard in the world of the network,” he said.