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Cardinal Tagle to lead baptism of 450 kids from Manila slums

Cardinal Tagle to lead baptism of 450 kids from Manila slums

By CBCP News

September 21, 2019

Manila, Philippines

Hundreds of children from the slums of Metro Manila will be baptized as part of a Catholic outreach program.

The baptism will be presided over by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle with 11 other priests on Sept. 28.

The 450 children are beneficiaries of the Tulay ng Kabataan (TNK) Foundation which takes in young scavengers and street dwellers.

The TNK said that Manila’s poor are not only exposed to danger and threats, “they also go without the Sacraments for long periods of time”.

“They often think that there is a fee, although Sacraments are for free. Moreover, they don’t even know how and what to do,” it said.

The Manila archdiocese and the TNK want to dispel the notion that Catholics need to pay for the sacraments, by offering baptism to the children.

“When it is so difficult to bring our children close to God, it is, on the opposite, very easy to bring the Lord to them through the Sacraments,” said Fr. Matthieu Dauchez, TNK Foundation Executive Director.

From helping street children since 1998, TNK has added a new program for the welfare of elderly abandoned in the streets.

TNK had helped more than 55,000 children over the past 21 years.