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Cardinal Tagle turns 60

Cardinal Tagle turns 60

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila will celebrate his 60th birthday on Wednesday, June 21.

According to the archdiocese, no big events have been organized on the day to mark the occasion.

Wednesday will be a normal working day for the cardinal: morning mass with his clergy, family, friends and parishioners followed by a simple lunch.

However, in order to celebrate the cardinal’s 60 years of life, the archdiocese on Monday organized a bloodletting activity in Manila as their “birthday gift” and to save lives.

The activity originally started in 2007 during the time of his predecessor, Manila Archbishop Emeritus Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales.

Since then, the activity, in cooperation with the Philippine National Red Cross, continued until now and has became a part of the every Manila archbishop’s birthday celebration.

For the Catholic hierarchy, especially for the bishops, 60 means a long way to go since their retirement age is 75.

And for cardinals like Tagle, their membership to dicasteries or other permanent Vatican institutes automatically ends at 80.

Also, cardinals over 80 no longer take part in the election of a new pope. CBCPNews