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Cardinal Tagle urges dads to bring children closer to Jesus

Cardinal Tagle urges dads to bring children closer to Jesus

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. PHOTO FROM CONGREGATIO MISSIONIS

By CBCP News

June 21, 2020

Rome, Italy

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle called on fathers to exercise their “spiritual fatherhood” in their homes.

Speaking during Mass at the Pontifical Filipino College on Sunday, he made a brief catechesis on the family, focusing on the dignity and role of fathers.

Reflecting on the day’s readings and as the world marks Father’s Day, he encouraged fathers to acknowledge Jesus before their children.

“Introduce them to Jesus and bring the message of Jesus to them. And better still, may they see in you the values of Jesus,” said Tagle, Prefect of Vatican’s Propaganda Fide.

He noted how fatherhood nowadays is measured in financial terms, or by how often they bring their kids to shopping malls, restaurants or cinemas.

While he encouraged fathers to continue their hard work for their families, the cardinal also asked them to commit their children to a deeper relationship with Christ.

“The transmission of the faith, which is essential to life — that is an integral part of fatherhood,” Tagle said.

63rd birthday

The Mass was also to celebrate the 63rd birthday of Cardinal Tagle, who came to Rome for his new Vatican post in February.

“I thank God for this gift of life and mission,” he said.

In the Philippines, some of the cardinal’s friends celebrated his birthday by feeding homeless people and street children.

“Some people will celebrate it for you by giving it to others. For me, that’s a great blessing,” Tagle said.